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VDSA-HD ECU is a special tool for flashing ECU. It supports Read fault code, erase fault code, read live data, read ECU information, Read ECU Data, Write ECU Data, ECU Calibration.

VDSA-HD ECU Diesel ECU Flashing Tool HDECU Truck Diagnosis Tool 
Top 4 Reasons To Get VDSA-HDECU:
1. Covers Weichai, Xichai, Yuchai, Chaochai, Renault.
2. Simple, Easy to Learn and Operate
3. Available for Windows XP and Windows 7
4. Supports Read and Erase Fault Code, Read Live Data, Read and Write ECU Data, ECU Calibration

1. Language: English Only
2. Can't Update
VDSA-HD ECU Main Function:
Read ECU Information
Read Fault Code
Erase Fault Code
Read Live Data
Actuation Test
Read ECU Data
Write ECU Data
Maximum Speed Limit
Technical Parameter:
Power supply: DC12V , DC24V
Working temperature: -10 ~+70 degree centigrade
VDSA-HD ECU Function Description:
1. Read ECU Information
2. Read Fault Code
3. Erase Fault Code: Erase the ECU fault code
4. Read Live Data
5. Actuation Test
6. Read ECU Data
Read the ECU Data, Save to file which used in writing ECU.
7. Flash ECU
Erase ECU and Write the ECU file to empty or broken ECU
8. Maximum Speed Limit
Limit or no Limit Speed.
Package List:
1pc x VDSA-HDECU Main Unit
1pc x OBDII Cable
2pcs x Connector
1pc x USB Cable
1pc x CD


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