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Yamaha Immobilizer Emulator


The emulator of an immobilizer for motorcycles and scooters Yamaha.

Works with all motorcycles and scooters Yamaha from 2006 to 2009.

Does not demand programmingonly need is connect wires.

Completely emulates work of a regular immobilizer, including light-emitting diode work on the instrument panel.


For emulator installation in the case of a regular immobilizer:

1. Remove glue hermetic from the immobilizer case.

2. Take out a PCB from immobilizer and desolder from it wires.

3. Connect the emulator according to drawing more low.

4. Insert the emulator into the immobilizer case. 


Colouring of wires and their appointment:

Black (2 pcs.)  GND

Red  BATT (+12v)

Yellow IGN (+12v)

Gray  LED (+5v)

Blue K-line Immo-ECU


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