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Remote Key 3 Button 315MHZ/433MHZ/868MHZ/315LP For BMW (Can Adjust The Frequency) With 7945 chip
BMW CAS remote key unlock and Setting method of variable - frequency  of remote control
ONE.  Remote key unlock setting way:
1. The remote  must be with Battery and can work.
2. Press the lock and trunk button as same time not move, than press lock button 5 times.  Each  press time is 1s/time
3. Remove the hand, unlock success.
The remote frequency setting method
BMW CAS3 remote frequency setting method:
Open the key case ,should  in the case of power failure . Press the lock button not move, than  Put down the PCB board ,contect the power supply,
the  pilot light will be long on , remove lock button. Press lock button than check the light,flash 1 time is 315mhz, flash 2 times is 433mhz 
flash 3 times is 315LP mhz .flash 4 times is 868mhz,  choice the Frequency that you need , finally press the trunk button confirm.

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