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Replacement Smart Remote Key Fob 4 button 433MHz 7953A chip


Note: Aftermarket remote key ,no label on the back. the same function as the genuine.


FCC ID : M3N40821302


Compatibility: Works with vehicles listed above that have a factory keyless entry system and your current key is identical.


for Chrysler 300 2011 - 2017

for Dodge Challenger 2015 - 2017

for Dodge Charger 2011 - 2017

for Dodge Dart 2014 - 2016

for Dodge Durango 2014 - 2017


Be sure that the remote pictured above has the correct buttons. Some models use less buttons depending on options.


Please make sure your original key has the same button and FCC ID ,the most important is to ensure compatibility.



You will need to have this key cut and programmed by a competent local automotive locksmith.

Main dealers will not programme aftermarket keys as they are only able to programme genuine keys due to having limited software capabilities.


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