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1. The selling item is an upgraded remote key. Frequency 312MHz, with  4D68 chip.

2. The remote key includes key housing, key blade, circuit board, battery and chip.

3. You'll need to program the key and cut the blade at locl automotive locksmith before using.

4. please ensure your original key has the same FCC ID: HYQ1512V and immobilizer chip.

5. Work for the following models: 

2003 - 2008 LX470
2003 - 2009 GX470
Code: TRK-LEX-10-3

RX300 USA 1992-2002
Note - if the FCC ID or immobilizer chip doesn't match, please don't buy. It will not work.

Note:Aftermarket remote key ,no label on the back.the same function as the genuine.
Make sure your original remote and key are the same as in the Left of our picture.
Please be sure to match this key to your current blade style. Cut keys are non-refundable.
You will need to have this key cut and programmed by a competent local automotive locksmith.
Main dealers will not programme aftermarket keys as they are only able to programme genuine keys due to having limited software capabilities.

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