Brand: For Toyota
Product Code: C05009
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  • This is brand new modified flip remote key case with 2 buttons and TOY43 uncut blade for you to replace your worn or broken case
  • All you need to do is to move the internal components from your old remote to our new case
  • This is an after market replacement key Case
  • Pls make sure your key case is the same appearance and blade as before the product was modified
  • NO interior (remote / electronics / transponder chips / battery) unit inside

How to install

1.Transfer the electronics from your original key to our new fob.

2.Go to a locksmith or a dealer to get the key blank cut (if Available).

3. Done! (No need to re-programme.)



1.3part need to be transfered: 1. Electronics 2.battery 3.small chip (if avialable)---DON'T FORGET

2.Search your car model in Youtube, there are many videos which guide you how to transfer.


Fits for 

2001-2003  Avensis  

1997-2005 Camry  

1997-2005 Corolla 

1996-2006 Rav4

1999-2006 Celica

1996-2007 Prado

2002-2006 Echo

2003 Tarago 

and other same models

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