Payment Methods



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Our Paypal :

Western Union
Go to your local Western Union agency and make payment to:
First name: BO
Last name: FAN
Country: China (city is shenzhen, if required)
Please email me the following information after payment:
First name in the payment sheet
Last name in the payment sheet
Control number of the payment
Country in the payment sheet
Bank Transfer (about 2-3 business days)
1.Beneficiary  Bank Name: Bank of China Shenzhen Branch 
2. Beneficiary  Name: HAIHONG WANG 
4. Beneficiary Account Number:  6217582000007619653
5. Bank Adress: 
Room 101-105, 1st Floor, Huangjia Commercial Plaza, Hengling Village,
Minzhi Avenue, Bao'an District, Shenzhen, China, 518131